#11 Facebook, Mexico & Peter Pan

When things aren’t working out the way you had expected,
it's tempting to jump on an airplane or a boat and leave everything behind. 
I know a lot of people who have done it, including myself. 

Post-grocery store run. This is what we ate for ten days. 

One of the days we filmed for more than 12 hours.  

Ben editing

Ben + Dillon + editing

Hard at work

Where I worked on the podcast while I was in Mexico.

Walking across the border back into the U.S. 

Welcome back to America


#12 When Would We Get Married?

After four years of being in a relationship,
my boyfriend and I have never talked about marriage.
But after sitting down with my family, all of that changes.


#13 Long Distance Love Story

After 10 years, two people living 4,500 miles apart
have to decide how and when they will physically live in the same place.


#14 I Never Talk About Politics

What happens when an Asian-American millennial decides to run for mayor in one of the whitest states in America?
Politics gets ugly.

Ben Chin's Campaign Announcement

Reactions of Voters in Lewiston The Day of the Runoff


#15 Good Cop, Bad Cop

Spending most of my savings makes me anxious but when my car dies I don’t have a choice.
Luckily, my boyfriend’s father Chuck comes to my rescue and guides me through the world of used cars.
Our mission: to find a cheap car that’s not a dud.

Random Things I've Learned About Buying Used Cars

Salvaged Cars - These are cars that have been in bad accidents. So bad that the insurance company totals them and sells them off. When you’re looking on Craigslist and it says “Title Status: Rebuilt" that’s what that means.

PROs of Salvaged Cars - These cars will automatically be cheaper (or least they should be).

CONS of Salvaged Cars - They could have some serious covered-up problems.

Personal Story - The first car I looked at was a salvaged car and after taking it to my mechanic to get checked out, I decided not to buy it.

Mileage - It matters. Research your specific car and see how many miles it will run before it starts to break down.

Check out NADA to look up and compare book prices.

Think about how long you want this car to last you and ask your mechanic if it will do just that. 

Make a list of your priorities and then Google it.

Rumor on the street is car dealerships have a $2000 flexibility (And when I say this, I mean, Chuck heard it from someone).

What questions to ask when you look for a vehicle:

1) Where did the car come from?
2) How many owners did it have? (the less owners = in theory, a better car)
3) What is its history? (ask for a car fax)
4) How many miles does it have?
5) If you're looking at a dealership ask about the warranty. If there’s something wrong with it, you want to make sure you don’t have to pay for it when you drive it off the lot.
6) If it’s a local private party, ask if you can take it to your auto mechanic and have it looked over. If they say no, walk away. You don’t want to work with people who aren’t transparent.
7) Look underneath the car for rust.
8) Look for scratch marks.
9) Make sure there’s a manual. How are you going to maintain it if you don’t know how.
10) Ask them, what is its weakest link? What is the first thing you’re going to have to replace?
11) Ask if they have a record of all of its mechanical work. If they do, look over it and if you buy it take it with you. 
12) Make sure it has a spare tire and tire changer.

If people are shady or the car is shady be willing to walk away.

Also, forums are your friend. Do your research. When you figure out what car you want to buy make sure you know its reputation. How expensive is it to maintain. Do you have to order parts from Europe every single time you get a tune up? You want to know these things so you know what you're getting yourself into. 

If you’re buying a used car, assume it’s a dud until proven otherwise.

Bring snacks. This is a serious suggestion. The last thing you want to be is hungry and looking at used cars.

Smile, even when the process gets frustrating. It helps when you have a partner in crime who has good jokes. 


#16 Double Life

For months, I’ve lived a double life and suffered the consequences.
Now, I’m forced to reevaluate what life I want to live.


#17 Fake It Till You Make It

How do you turn a passion project into a business?
After I quit my job, I have to find out.
The only problem is, I don’t know anything about running a business.


#18 Nothin' But Net

It’s always been my dream to play with the pros.
Now, after months of practicing it all comes down to one game and one decision.


#19 Message In A Bottle

Photo: Megan Tan

Photo: Megan Tan

Look around the Internet and you'll see people sharing intimate thoughts and baring their souls — including me. Why do we feel more comfortable publishing the secrets of our lives online — but keep them from the people who are closest to us?


#20 Haves and Have-Mores

Photo:  Rick Loomis

After college I thought everyone was on equal footing. But that’s not always the case. How do you come to terms with your own financial status when your peers are living lives you can’t afford?

audio Block
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#21 Moving Out

When you move back home with your parents it’s hard to feel like you’re growing up.
But what really makes you an adult?
And what if parenting an adult child is just as confusing as being your 20s?

Music: Beautiful Eulogy


#22 Screw It, I'm Going Outside

It’s summer and I want to go outside.
So I shut down my computer and go off on an expedition to
understand an unknown world unfolding right under my nose — The Poké-world.


#23 Systems Check

Photo: Megan Tan

Photo: Megan Tan

When you sprint toward your career for years and you finally get there,
how do you prevent yourself from burning out?
How do you pace yourself?


#24 Will Work For Free

Photo: Megan Tan

Photo: Megan Tan

I always thought I knew where I stood when it came to unpaid internships
until I found myself with two unpaid interns of my own.


#25 Must Love Podcast

I thought hiring Millennial’s first apprentice would be easy
but I quickly realize judging people based on so little information is daunting.
How do you decide who's the right match for you?


#26 Werner

Photo: Megan Tan

Photo: Megan Tan

Time capsules come in many forms.
When you stumble upon one, you never know what part of your former self you’ll remember.


#27 Work In Progress

Photo: Jonathan GIbby

Photo: Jonathan GIbby

I've always heard you shouldn't meet your heroes because they might not live up to your expectations.
But is there something to be gained from getting real?

Photo:  Evan Hanover


#28 With Love From The Heart

Photo:  Ted Roeder

Photo: Ted Roeder

Even after you break up with someone, they’ll always be part of you.
We're featuring an episode on jealousy from The Heart.

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#29 You Can't Go Home Again

Photo:  terraplanner  via Flickr

Photo: terraplanner via Flickr

The plan is to grow up and chase after your dreams,
but what if getting closer to your goals means moving farther from your family?

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#30 Thirty-Year Plan

It's scary to make long-term commitments, but the year-to-year lifestyle isn’t always comfortable.
For the first time, I’m starting to consider the 30-year-plan.

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