"Megan’s talk blew me away. She combined a warm and engaging performance with a hard, concrete lesson in making the career you want with Terminator-like precision. It was optimistic and realistic and I wish everyone could see it— whether they’re taking on a daunting project or remaking their lives from the ground up."

Roman Mars, host and creator of 99% Invisible at Converse Inc. Conference

"Megan’s comfort with her own voice comes across immediately in hearing and watching her speak. When Megan took the stage at TEDxDirigo, I could feel the audience quickly fall into her history alongside her, as if they couldn’t help themselves from wanting to journey with her, silently cheering her on, gently gripped by Megan’s contagious spirit."

- Ariel Hall, Curator at TEDxDirigo

"Megan Tan was brilliant. She came into my classroom full of energy, inspiration and compassion. After her visit, my students expressed their unanimous admiration for her work. As we go forward in the business of (higher) education, it'll be people like Megan — and projects like Millennial — that will offer our young minds new places to go and new ways to be." 
- Jaed Coffin, Professor of Creative Writing at
The University of New Hampshire


"When Megan arrived, she immediately brought positive energy with her. The discussion flowed naturally, with Megan leading the way and answering student questions about her choices, all that she's learned since starting Millennial, and her future goals. Her visit added texture and depth to the listening of the podcast, and complemented our curriculum very well as a clear example of decision-making and grappling with common issues in the twenties. "

- Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Professor of Psychology at Bates College